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Academics at SCA


Academic excellence from a Christian perspective.


SCA pursues academic excellence to reflect the excellence Christ evidenced. Laying the appropriate foundational knowledge early on in the lives of students allows for the critical assessment and understanding in later years. To garner such, SCA relies heavily on its faculty and curriculum.
Faculty members at SCA are valued for their spiritual maturity and love for students as much as for their credentials. Of course, SCA searches to bring on educators with appropriate credentials to further the mission of the school. In the hands of such like-minded individuals, the administration of SCA places the tools each faculty member needs to properly go about their task of educating the whole student.
SCA employs curriculum which evidences a Biblical worldview unapologetically. Predominately, though not exclusively, teachers utilize the Abeka curriculum which offers a highly effective spiral approach to learning. Concepts are developed from the simple to complex with a lot of opportunities for review and application.  and new application in every grade. Cross-subject integration reinforces understanding and further develops enthusiasm for learning. This comprehensive curriculum assists our teachers in meeting student needs by incorporating three major learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Above all of course, this curriculum uses age-appropriate materials to meet the traditional content standards. Other curriculum utilized at SCA offers teachers the same opportunities to be flexible in their instruction by providing solid content for a number of different objectives all through a Biblical or at the very least a conservative worldview
Besides these, SCA also employs extracurricular activities including field trips, service hours, internships, shadowing opportunities, professional talks, and many other such like to offer students a multitude of opportunities to learn. 


Levels of School


PreK3 and PreK4 classrooms operate under a Letter of Compliance from the state of Maryland, and therefore meet and surpass requirements for environment and safety setup. However, these classrooms offer parents further peace of mind for early childhood education in their structure and faculty requirements. Parents can expect energy, music, play, rest time, and appropriate academic instruction to be mainstays in their children's classrooms. 


Students in elementary are offered traditional content areas of learning (English Language Arts, History, Science, Math, Bible, and more) throughout their days at appropriate intervals. Elementary students are taught in a homeroom setting, guided largely by a single teacher. Class sizes are rarely over 20 students and average closer to 15. SCA employs a phonics-based approach to reading, a traditional approach to mathematics instruction (including baseline memorization followed by the introduction of more complex lessons), and an appreciation for and instruction in technology without keeping students in front of screens throughout the majority of the school day. A bank of chromebooks are available for elementary usage throughout the week. Instruction in music, foreign language, physical education, and art also make up the day-to-day schedules of elementary students.


Middle School

Students in the middle school change classrooms and see multiple faces throughout their days, while remaining within the main building for their core content classes. All classes are face-to-face, and a complete complement of extracurriculars are offered to these students as well including music, art, foreign language, and other elective courses. These students also are sure to have time in their days for service opportunities throughout the school. 

High School 

Students through 12th grade at SCA are offered courses from qualified faculty members in a traditional face-to-face setting. A seven-period day schedule offers students the ability to shift between teachers and content areas. Electives further hone students skills in various areas while offering the opportunity for secondary students to pursue personal interests. Secondary students may also expect to grow holistically through extracurriculars such as athletics, fine arts, drama, and more!

As a Liberty University Online Academy Affiliate School, our high school students also have the opportunity to take courses offered through Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA), in addition to the traditional classroom courses. Students routinely earn credits towards their undergraduate degrees through this program.